A Planning and Collaboration Site for India's First Grassroots Green Festivals

This site is intended to help organize and publicize "Greening India" - an evolving series of Green conferences,  festival events and educational programs in the historic oasis of Udaipur, Rajasthan.

 Our initial effort - "Greening Indian Schools & Education" - is designed to explore and expose best practices for greening campuses & curricula, and thereby build a powerful constituency for smart, fast environmental reform among teachers, education officials and, most importantly, the young.  As heirs to our era's heedless policies and toxic eco-legacy, our children are inheriting a whirlwind of emergencies and need all the help they can get.

- Some Candid Pics from our May 11 Beta Version Event

(All event photos courtesy of Tribhuvan Ameta and Shikshantar)
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Green Leaders Send Best (and Urgent) Wishes for First GI Event

In honor of India's first Green Educator Festival on May 11th we received many wonderful messages of support including this inspiring video from Bill McKibben of www.350.org, the man who literally wrote the book on climate change (or at least the first one). He addresses all the school principals, community educators, grassroots green/social justice activists, environmental experts and NGOs participating in Udaipur's Green Educator initiatives in hopes that it will help us all feel part of the global movement in which local efforts are critical to root actions in ground reality and bring about the changes we seek.

Bill's Message to Udaipur

See more eminent green leader endorsements here.

Eloquent Example of Youth's Peril and Persuasive Power

12-year-old Severn Suzuki stuns UN's 1992 Earth Summit

Hear her still passionate voice today here:
"We Need to Win" - a Guernica interview.

A Contagious 2-min Bollywood Poem on Youthful Inspiration

"You Walk, the Country Walks" by Times of India

Overall, Greening India events are intended to explore and introduce the most cost-effective green technologies for protecting our water, food, climate, health and fellow creatures while renewing urban and rural communities. We are also striving to build new grassroots networks and global alliances to develop and diffuse such know-how before it's too late.

If your business, group, community or own innovative experiences have anything to offer this effort, we warmly welcome collaboration. 


 The Udaipur We Know, Love And Are Fighting For


Whatever happened to Alternative Tech?

Back in the Sixties and Seventies, the grassroots development community was afire with the buzzword "alternative tech". Creative compilations of elegant low tech solutions were being amassed by the Whole Earth Catalog in the US, the Center for Alternative Technology in the UK, and many other international organizations. It seemed we would soon enjoy an ever growing knowledge base and resource trove for community development workers around the world.

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How to use this site

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