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Greening India Home

Home of Greening India & Big Medicine Charitable Trust

BMCT's Greening India program is an evolving series of life-affirming festival events, seminars. PR campaigns, and educational programs to promote, gender parity, public arts, organic economies and eco-spirituality in Rajasthan's historic princely state of Mewar. Our work is devoted to nurturing local virtuosity, self-sufficiency and grassroots democracy to protect the rights of our peoples and Nature as a whole.


Our key educational objectives are local swaraj, eco-psychology, and creative mastery; and recent projects include Shakti Caravan, an international performing arts education exchange program with Vanaver Caravan; Shakti Sundays, biweekly eco-fests to showcase community activism against a backdrop of local talent; Organic Udaipur, an aspirational 5-year plan to certify thousands of "default organic" farmers, amplify local awareness & demand, and nurture organic entrepreneurship; and Design for Change, a brilliant new Gujarati method to nourish creative community problem-solving skills in the very young.

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BMCT Organic Work Boosted by Presbyterian Hunger Project

Rural farming community in India becomes organic farming model

Presbyterian Hunger Program provides critical funding for the initiative

by Rick Jones | Presbyterian News Service

A field in Udaipur’s Gati Village, which has become Rajasthan’s first fully organic farming community. (Photo courtesy of Big Medicine Charitable Trust)

LOUISVILLE – Rural farmers in India are celebrating the certification of Udaipur’s Gati Village as Rajasthan’s first fully organic farming community. The designation will allow Gati to market its crops and products internationally. Nearly 300 farm families are covered by the designation as they seek to market major crops that include wheat and corn.

For several decades, the Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP) has been supporting local communities around the world that are trying to move away from corporately controlled seeds and return to a traditional seed model of saving and sharing.

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BMCT catalyzes breakthrough for indigenous organic ag

Udaipur’s Gati Gaum Becomes Rajasthan’s First Internationally Certified Organic Village  

By UdaipurTimes Team on May 10, 2017


Previously renowned for its lovely farms, lively fish market and electrifying Gavari ceremonies, Jaisamand’s Gati Village has now become a local pioneer in the global organic farming movement.

India’s national accreditation body, the APOF Organic Certification Agency (AOCA) has just certified Gati as Rajasthan’s first fully organic farming community covering all its 290 farm families and their village fields. Since AOCA approval is globally recognized, Gati crops and products can now all be marketed internationally with this prestigious organic validation.


With international certification, Gati’s lush wheat fields turn a new shade of gold.

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Shaktipur Arising

International Mewar Shakti Fest Salutes Rising Sun & Dawn of Shaktipur  

By UdaipurTimes Team on January 18, 2017


Shakti Caravan and Big Medicine Charitable Trust (BMCT) launched the second annual Mewar Shakti Fest, a local/global celebration of peace, art and the environment. Hundreds of Udaipurites and foreign visitors gathered in Chandpole’s Naga Nagri to welcome the Makar Sankranti Hindu solstice and support creation of the Shaktipur eco-artistic complex around Pichola’s Maharajah Ghat.

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BMCT Shakti Sunday spirit spreads to Molela

Molela Shakti Sunday welcomes 2017 with local/global artistry & activism

 on January 4, 2017



On January 1st Mewar’s ancient terracotta craft centre Molela revived Udaipur’s Shakti Sunday eco-fest energy and delighted a vast diverse audience of tourists and villagers.

Co-organized by the Molela Panchayat, Merijanmbhumi.com (MJB) and Big Medicine Charitable Trust (BMCT), the day-long program featured afternoon craft studio visits and enchanting performances late into the night. The excited evening audience loudly cheered the Sangeet Pravah World musicians, vocalist Shreya Paliwal, Bharat Verma’s Heartbeators, and the dancers & musicians from America’s Vanaver Caravan (VC) – and equally applauded the vibrant singing and dancing by talented local youth.

molela2The crowd also heard from innovative area activists working in reforestation, organic farming, folk medicine, artistic recycling, and women’s empowerment.

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Our Eco-Artistic Biz Creation Hub finds a fitting home

Smart City Udaipur to host India’s first Creative Economy business incubator


Local pioneering university and NGO announce development of a new UNESCO-endorsed grassroots entrepreneurship centre to help Udaipurites turn their artistic gifts, inventive ideas and/or environmental concerns into creative sustainable livelihoods.

Udaipur’s Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University (RVU) and Big Medicine Charitable Trust (BMCT) have just signed a three-year collaborative MOU to create India’s first eco-cultural entrepreneurship centre and business incubator at RVU’s Manikya Lal Verma Shramjeevi College campus.

Provisionally called the Mewar Creative Economy Centre, the facility will open in early 2017 and include a 1500 seat amphitheatre & stage complex as well as studios, classrooms and exhibition areas. Centre plans include basic biz creation courses, live video classes with foreign schools, startup labs & cabins, community media training, a rural/urban networking hub, engaged art & green tech exhibits, a desi organic café, and many other unique features.

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BMCT partners with UNESCO to showcase eco-cultural entrepreneurship at 2016 World Living Heritage Fest

UNESCO/BMCT Social Entrepreneurship Workshop Invitation & Aspirations

Workshop invitation

In March 2016 the Maharana Mewar Charitable Foundation and UNESCO hosted Udaipur's 4th World Living Heritage Festival; and UNESCO invited BMCT to design a social entrepreneurship workshop to highlight some of Mewar's most creative eco-cultural initiatives. The following describes the remarkable array of groups presented and their common goal to develop a new Creative Economy Synergy Center.

Workshop overview

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