BMCT's Greening India program is an evolving series of life-affirming festival events, seminars. PR campaigns, and educational programs to promote, gender parity, public arts, organic economies and eco-spirituality in Rajasthan's historic princely state of Mewar. Our work is devoted to nurturing local virtuosity, self-sufficiency and grassroots democracy to protect the rights of our peoples and Nature as a whole.


Our key educational objectives are local swaraj, eco-psychology, and creative mastery; and recent projects include Shakti Caravan, an international performing arts education exchange program with Vanaver Caravan; Shakti Sundays, biweekly eco-fests to showcase community activism against a backdrop of local talent; Organic Udaipur, an aspirational 5-year plan to certify thousands of "default organic" farmers, amplify local awareness & demand, and nurture organic entrepreneurship; and Design for Change, a brilliant new Gujarati method to nourish creative community problem-solving skills in the very young.

 Our initial efforts - "Greening Indian Schools & Education" - were events that explored and exposed best practices for greening campuses & curricula, thereby building an informed constituency for smart, fast environmental reform among teachers, education officials and, most importantly, the young.  As heirs to our era's heedless policies and toxic eco-legacy, our children are inheriting a whirlwind of emergencies and need all the help they can get.