BMCT & Vanaver Caravan Launch 2016 Shakti Caravan
International Dance Workshops @ Heartbeators Institute

dance-workshop1An International Dance Workshop organized by B.M.C.T is going on at Heartbeators Dance Institute at 100ft Road these days where teachers from US based Vanaver Caravan, Bharat Verma of Heartbeators and Suryansh are teaching various forms of dances to the participants. It is one of the best opportunities for city’s dance passionate people to explore the world of music and dance in the direction of some of the finest dancers. Livia Vanaver & Bill Vanaver from “Vanaver Caravan” a famous Dance & Music Company from United States are teaching diverse and unique dance forms. dance-workshop2Highly acclaimed for his unbeatable dancing skills, professional dancer, choreographer and Coach Bharat Verma and various top choreographers of Heartbeators, Suryansh and Vanaver Caravan jointly form “Shakti Caravan”. “It’s a 8 day workshop where participants will learn various international dance styles like ChaChaCha, Swing Dance, Body Percussion, Tap Dance etc”, said Bharat Verma. Two more teachers from Vanaver caravan, Miranda and Joel Hanna will arrive soon and join the workshop soon. According to Verma, it is a golden opportunity for Udaipurites to be a part of such International project, where one can get to know the in depth of dancing, how to make your skill perfect and moreover learning so many diverse dance forms in a single workshop.