UNESCO/BMCT Social Entrepreneurship Workshop Invitation & Aspirations

Workshop invitation

In March 2016 the Maharana Mewar Charitable Foundation and UNESCO hosted Udaipur's 4th World Living Heritage Festival; and UNESCO invited BMCT to design a social entrepreneurship workshop to highlight some of Mewar's most creative eco-cultural initiatives. The following describes the remarkable array of groups presented and their common goal to develop a new Creative Economy Synergy Center.

WLHF HALE Udaipur Workshop - Visual Overview

Narayan Singh, Rajputana Society of Natural History

Chirag Mehta - Thalagiri

Sunny Gandarva & Manoj Prajapat - Millets of Mewar

Narayan Singh, Udaipur head, Rajputana Society of Natural History Chirag Mehta, co-founder, engaged arts provocation centre, Thalagiri.com Sunny Gandarva & Manoj Prajapat, co-founders, Millets of Mewar
RAJPUTANA SOCIETY OF NATURAL HISTORY – eco-preservation/renewal association using rural craft revival and other self-help activities to motivate villagers to protect local habitats as a base of sustainable livelihoods. THALAGIRI ARTISTS NETWORK – art ed startup organizing workshops, exhibits & competitions to nurture creativity among rural/urban youth and promote engaged arts MILLETS OF MEWAR – organic restaurant and eco-living education centre reviving/popularizing heritage Mewari cuisine and native organic grains & vegetables

Vikas Jain & Jaitan - eChai Entrepreneur Network

Vilas Janve, Martand Foundation Santosh Padwal - Bindaas Community Media Academy
Vikas Jain & Jatin Chaudhary, Udaipur chapter head & national founder, eChai Entrepreneurship Network Mime master Vilas Janve, co-founder, Martand Foundation Santosh Padwal, co-founder, Bindaas Community Media Academy
ECHAI ENTREPRENEURSHIP NETWORK – small biz development & mutual help association creating local support resources for aspiring startup pioneers and social entrepreneurs MARTAND FOUNDATION – creative tradition-based education/production centre working to preserve / renew native performing arts with innovative shows & interactions BINDAAS COMMUNITY MEDIA ACADEMY – grassroots media arts training program offering inexpensive courses and mentoring for socially engaged media proficiency.
Ashok Jain of Manav Manthan presenting for Art><Junction WLHF workshop principals
Manav Manthan's Ashok Jain presenting for Chiman Dangi's Art><Junction Workshop principals: Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar, MMCF's Vrinda Raje Singh, UNESCO's Moe Chiba, BMCT's W. David Kubiak Workshop audience in Durber Hall, Udaipur City Palace
Vishal Singh - Eco Hut Rohit Jain - Banyan Roots Organics Lokesh Paliwal - Merijanmbhumi Ganesh Purohit - Jagran Jan Vikas Samiti
Vishal Singh, co-founder, Eco Hut Rohit Jain, founder, Banyan Roots Organics Lokesh Paliwal , co-founder, Merijanmbhumi Ganesh Purohit, co-founder, Jagran Jan Vikas Samiti
ECO HUT – an eco-artistic “upcycling” startup dedicated to Zero Waste education, local job creation and turning urban waste streams into resources for innovative arts & crafts. BANYAN ROOTS ORGANIC – organic farming social entrepreneurship project - encourages the preservation, proliferation & profitability of traditional rural organic agricultural practices MERIJANMBHUMI.COM – IT social entrepreneurship project using interactive internet/SMS networks to build social, cultural & development bridges between rural communities & their migrant “Non-Resident Villager” friends/kin in the cities JAGRAN JAN VIKAS SAMITI – rural health & wellbeing development society - encourages respect for and usage of traditional folk healing knowledge.


Full Report on Workshop Background and Action Plan Going Forward

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Envisioned Outline Plan & Program for H.A.L.E. Udaipur Centre

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