Sean Miller on the groundEarth Day Education Director Sean Miller's Message to Participants in the Green Festival for Educators, India

Dear Friends,

In my role as the Director of the Education programs at Earth Day Network, I ask every potential volunteer, intern, or candidate for employment a similar question: “What was that original experience or ‘spark’ that initiated your concern for the environment?”

For the first six years of my life, I grew up on a 100-plus-acre farm in upstate New York.  I ran freely, scraped my knee once and awhile, but fully enjoyed the benefits of childhood with nature.  Yes, I have lived in the city, or “built environment,” the rest of my life thus far, but this original experience will always remain with me.

Eleven years after leaving the farm, it would take an AP Environmental Science class to not only reawaken this awareness, but also provide a proper framework for its promotion and dissemination.  I was astonished to formally learn what is considered standard operating procedure in our relationship with nature.  Here, I was able to fully perceive that Education was the crux of any problem because an individual cannot act without contemplating, somehow, the relevant issue at hand.  Thus, my area of concern became both environmental and educational.   

If there is one global institution that offers more potential for change and the ultimate realization of a sustainable society, it is the school. Climate change threatens everyone living in our global society; it’s only fitting that we should have a global understanding of what about our society must change.  Apply “green” methods like energy efficient products or sustainable food options to the already transformative process of learning, and one has done more than just touch the future – in the words of Henry Adams – one may have also saved it.

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