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Greetings Dear Greenshifters,

Just stumbled across and wanted to share a brave new rebirth in the Alternative Tech world. The veteran Intermediate Technologies Development Group founded by E.F. "Small is Beautiful" Schumacher has been rebranded and revivified as, a truly inspiring source of technical expertise and progressive grassroots vision.

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While they are already quite active internationally, oddly and unfortunately they have no Indian projects yet, but we hope to engage them as Greening India advising partners and perhaps bootstrap some activities here soon. In the meantime, please check out their work as an admirable example of the allies we're looking for.

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by Sonu Jain
The Indian Express
September 05, 2004

No degrees please, they’re Indians. In the heartland, they write new chapters in R&D simply by thinking out of the box. plays guide on a rural innovation roadtrip.

Professor Anil Gupta is taking a break from classes at IIM Ahmedabad. For the last 10 days, he has been scouring villages in Himachal with a bunch of students, teachers and scientists. He calls it shodhyatra, journey of exploration.

Twice a year, in winter and summer, the team he leads covers nearly 200 km on foot. The aim is two-fold: Sharing their scientific knowledge with villagers and sniffing out that hidden innovation in a place that may not have a road, electricity or school, but has a thinking mind. A grassroots innovator, a person who overcomes a technical challenge on his own, without any assistance from the formal scientific system in the country.