Play List for November 10, 2008
Sunshine Coast Film Society

Ganga Ma: A Pilgrimage to the Source
USA, 2001, 58 min


Ganga Ma: A Pilgrimage to the Source


From the mouth of the Ganges river to the Bay of Bengal to the Himalayan glaciers, Ganga Ma follows the holiest pilgrimage of the Hindus and shows a vivid and insightful vision of India, as seen through the eyes of a pilgrim, with striking images of festivals, funeral ceremonies, art and the daily life of the ancient Hindu culture thriving along the banks of the River. The funeral of the last Maharaja of Benares, the Kumbha Mela 2001 - the largest gathering of people in the world - is shown in an intense and engaging narrative of visuals and music. The images, aided by spontaneous statements of holy and ordinary men, invite the viewer to a journey of spiritual introspection. Winner of "Best Documentary" at the Taos Mountain Film Festival.

Jaisalmer Ayo!: Gateway of the Gypsies
USA, 2004, 54 min


Shot in remote areas of Rajasthan's Thar desert, in northwest India, Jaisalmer Ayo! captures the lives and journeys of vanishing nomadic communities who are believed to share common ancestors with the European Roma (Gypsies). From the open roads of the desert to their temporary encampments, for a period of seven months the filmmakers followed the castes of Bhopas (storytellers), Jogis (snake charmers), Kalbelyas (dancers), Banjaras (salt-traders), Gadolya Lohars (blacksmiths) and Manganiars (musicians) who move from village to village in their struggle for survival. The remarkable soundtrack of Rajasthani music merges with the images of an ancient world, while presenting the way of life, music, dance and rituals of the last generation of nomads remaining in the region. Winner of "Best Documentary" at the San Francisco Video Fest.