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It's in our handsOutline report on Udaipur Green Festival For Educators
- May 11, 2009

(All event photos courtesy of Tribhuvan Ameta and Shikshantar)

Dear Friends, Allies and Well-wishers,

Yes, the future is in our hands and we are all in this together. Building a green and sustainable world is everybody’s work.

Our first, modest, collaborative effort was launched in Udaipur this month entitled a Green Festival For Educators.
Ecologists and environmental experts from many fields gathered together to show and tell local educators how we could pull together to create a sustainable heritage city, steeped in its best cultural and ecological traditions, both for our own sakes and the future of our children’s children’s children.

The festival offered participants a variety of educational and interactive venues - one-on-one encounters at our many booths, round table gatherings, lunch discussions, and our morning coffee house, besides the formal presentations in the afternoon.  The educators who attended got a chance to meet, hear and discuss questions with experts on local forestry & reforestation, biodiversity, lake clean up, alternative energy, homemade zero waste technologies, rainwater harvesting, medicinal herbs, organic farming, climate change, alternative energy resources, the plastics problem, and democratic dialog. There was also a lot of attention devoted to local resources for technical assistance in all these areas and how to turn this rich knowledge base into actionable projects in their institutions and communities.

Green Ed Fest audience Premilla Dixit
Big Medicine co-director and lead event organizer, Premilla Dixit addresses
an afternoon session
to sincerely thank our many collaborators and invite
students and citizens as well as educators into the Greening India process.

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Big Med & local coalition launch first Green Festival for Educators, Udaipur, May 11, 2009
Pioneering event aims to catalyze cooperative development of more environmentally conscious curricula and eco-friendly school policy reforms

Training willing hands

Green values must take root in our hearts and minds before they can flower and redeem our communities. Learning spaces are the seed beds for sowing these values and Udaipur is blessed with a wealth of traditional and alternative settings to cultivate this renaissance. This year concerned Udaipur educators and environmental leaders are coming together in ground-breaking collaboration to enrich the region's educational practices and help these values grow. The opening event in this ongoing process is our May 11 "Green Festival for Educators" and if you are in the neighborhood, you are cordially invited to drop in and lend a hand.      

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Festival Schedule
Invitation Letter
Development Background
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Words of Encouragement for Udaipur's Green Ed
    Initiative from the Global Green Community

Fran KortenWe stand at a pivotal moment in the history of humanity.  The choices we make today will determine the survival of our species.  We live together on a precious planet -- a blue green ball that glows with life in the vast darkness of space.  But we have pressed the limits of our planet's resilience -- cut down too many of her trees, poured too much pollution into her waters, and spewed too much CO2 into her air.  Every country (especially my own!), every village, every school, and every family must rethink how we live and what we teach.  I wish you every success in your Green Festival for Educators -- an important step on our collective journey to live in tune with nature and bring forward a future in which our children and grandchildren can thrive. 

Fran Korten
Publisher, YES! Magazine.

Jerome Ringo Schools can set an example by going green themselves. They can make their buildings more energy efficient, they can become green consumers by demanding that the materials they buy are environmentally friendly and sustainable.   

Even more importantly, schools can and must do what they do best, which is to educate on all levels. Schools can both set and example and teach students about what it means to be a member of a sustainable economy. Educational institutions can also offer career technical curriculum to prepare young people to serve the growing labor market, and provide access to meaningful, career-oriented jobs.

We at Apollo are thrilled that you are working on educating the next generation of green leaders in India. We all need to be part of the solution because we all are contributing to and feeling the effects of the problem. We encourage the Greening India/Greening Indian Education project, and we wish everyone at this first Green Festival for Educators the best of luck in your endeavors.
(Read full text here.)

Jerome Ringo, President

Personal video message from Bill McKibben of to the school principals, community educators, grassroots green/social justice activists, environmental experts and NGOs participating in Udaipur's Green Educator initiatives. May it help us all feel part of the global efforts in which local efforts are critical, essential parts that root actions to ground reality and bring about the change we seek.

Sean MillerDear Green Educator friends,

If there is one global institution that offers more potential for change and the ultimate realization of a sustainable society, it is the school. Climate change threatens everyone living in our global society; it’s only fitting that we should have a global understanding of what about our society must change.  Apply “green” methods like energy efficient products or sustainable food options to the already transformative process of learning, and one has done more than just touch the future – in the words of Henry Adams – one may have also saved it. (See full message here.)

Sean S. Miller, Director of Education
Earth Day Network 

Craig Altemose Dear friends at Big Medicine, and all the organizations bringing together the Green Festival for Educators, Greetings!

I write to you with the sincerest hope of a friend from across the globe.  While climate change is a tremendous threat to all of the peoples of the world, the scale of the problem also means that our fates our bound together.  We are engaged in the same struggle.  A victory for you is a victory for me.  And a victory for me is a victory for you.  But for all of us to truly not just survive, but thrive, we all need to win, and we must do so quickly.

So it is that I am writing to tell you about some of our victories in the American state of Massachusetts, in the hope that you will soon have some good news of your own to share.
(Read his entire message here.)

In solidarity and hope for a better tomorrow,

Craig S. Altemose
Co-Coordinator, Massachusetts Power Shift


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Minutes of October 10, 2008 Meeting, Mahila Mandal, 12:00 - 1:30 PM

Dear Educators, Esteemed Principals,

Here are the minutes of our meeting, organized under the points of discussion from our agenda.

Principals & Others Attending:  Shrimati Mohan Devi Sharma, General Secretary/Mahila Mandal; Ms. Madhu Sareen, Principal/Mahila Mandal; Premilla Dixit, director/Big Medicine; Father Remigius, Principal/St. Pauls; Shri Shiv Ji Gaur, Principal/Fateh School;  Shri Kamalendra, Principal/Bhuwana School; Shri Jagdaish, Director/Happy Homes School; Shrimati Rajna Kulshreshta, Principal/RMV School.

Topic 1)  That the attending principals join Big Medicine and Mahila Mandal to form a core group of  active Indian Educators for Environmental Education and Sustainable Development, in Udaipur.

That this core group will be committed to work towards the greening of Indian education starting on their own campuses.  It will also reach-out to, work with and expand this initial network of educators and institutions.

That this core group develop a charter to establish its mandate. (Please see the Tbilisi Declaration and Talloires Declaration as examples)

Group Response: We agreed to create such a core group, with the name suggested: Educators for Environmental Education and Sustainable Development.  We agreed that as our work helps open other chapters in India, we will be the founding Udaipur chapter.

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Program for September 20th Introductory Meeting & Consultation
on "Greening Indian Schools and Education" for the Udaipur
Education District and 30 regional principals:

11-11.35 am --  Opening tea and reception

-- Welcome & Intro,  Mohan Devi Sharma, General Secretary, Mahila Mandal
-- Opening remarks, Madhu Sareen, Principal,
Mahila Mandal
-- Chief Guest, Mr. Jharol, District Education Officer, Udaipur School District

(5 minute local cultural performance)

11.45 – 12.45
-- Overview presentation on "Greening Mahila Mandal" and the preliminary
"Greening Indian Schools & Education Conference" in February 2009, by Premilla Dixit, Big Medicine
-- "Green Schools, Green Audits" presentation by Ashish Shah, Center For Science & Environment, New Delhi

(5 minute local cultural performance)

12.55 – 1.55
-- "Green Curricula for Schools"
presentation by Jaishree Sharma, NCERT Environmental Education Division,
-- "Green Curricula for KG to 5th Grade"
presentation by Madhu Jain, NCERT

Break For Lunch

1.55 – 3.30 pm
-- Udaipur School District Environmental Education Program,
Dr. Madan
   Gopal Vashnreya, National Secretary, Bharat Vikas Parishad,
-- Remarks, Mr. Surendra Pandey, C.O. Scouts.
-- Blessings, Mr. Shrotriya, president,
Mahila Mandal
-- Vote of Thanks,
Mahila Mandal teachers trained in green auditing by CSE.