Mahila Mandal
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 Big Medicine addresses Mahila Mandal students at morning assembly about their school's 3-year Greening Mahila Mandal Project, a program designed as a zero waste/green education model for schools anywhere

Big Med enviro evangelizing in Mahila MandalWith inspiration and assistance from visionary principal Ms. Madhu Sareen and acting president Shri Ganesh Shrotriya, son of the school's founders, seventy five year old Mahila Mandal Girls Senior Secondary School, (MM) perhaps the longest running Gandhian school for  underpriviliged girls is partnering with Big Medicine to launch a pioneering zero waste/environmental education program, to create a green campus from operations to curricula.

 While details are still being worked out in several areas, Big Medicine co-director, Premilla Dixit arranged for two of MM 's teachers to train with the New Delhi Center For Science & Environment,Green Schools Green Audit program, so they could lead teams of students in carrying out a green audit of Mahila Mandal.  As hoped for, the Green Audit , taking stock, project has generated great excitement among teachers, students and parents.  It will provide baseline data for developing the school's green projects, raise awareness among students and staff of the cost and impact  of their own resource use and waste generation, teach students new research skills and new applications  of  develop their independent, critical thinking; all essential steps in green education. In Premilla's words. "Student will play a leading role in this initiative from start to finish befitting their deep concerns with and stake in the region's environmental future.Their ideas have already been valuable and it is ultimately their energy and involvement that will make the project blossom and grow."


Premilla talking and brainstorming with students
Premilla introducing the Greening MM project goals to students and inviting their ideas.
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Greening Mahila Mandal logo
Founded in the Thirties at Mahatma Gandhi's request, Udaipur's Mahila Mandal has educated tens of thousands of tribal and impoverished girls from the region's most disadvantaged communities. Today this inspiring school continues to pioneer the social frontier and is now starting to train its 1500 strong K~12 student body in environmental wisdom as well as trades and academic skills.
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Big Medicine’s Plan of Action for Greening Mahila Mandal
as mutually proposed in a joint Memorandum of Understanding)

a) Biogas Plant: to convert MM's septic-tank based toilets into zero waste toilets, with their waste processed on-site in a biogas plant built on MM's premises;

b) Alternative Energy: to generate electricity from the biogas plant to serve the schools office and class room operation during school hours; and to prospect for solar energy application;

c) Zero Waste Management Plan for Neighbourhood: to request permission from the Nagar Parishad to process municipal waste from MM's neighbourhood waste dump and vegetable market, as well as from the 20-seat Sulabh public toilet;

d) Rainwater Harvesting and Waste Water Management: to ulilise bio-gas effluent as nutrient rich irrigation water for school gardens; harvest rain water for water table replenishment and to meet MM's campus cleaning needs;

e) Organic Gardens: to develop an organic, medicinal herb garden around the biogas plant with walkways and seating spaces using biogas slurry as organic fertilizer; develop organic roof top gardens, an organic kitchen garden and organic tree nursery on the school premises;