Mewar Mastery Exchange Intro Blog

Brief introductions to some MME Udaipur-side partners
 MME: a development-oriented international artist exchange & residency program

Sharing and renewing traditional arts & virtuosity with masters from abroad

A unique experiment in cross-cultural synergy, MME seeks foreign masters for collaborative residencies
and co-creations in the fields of craft, music, design, healing, performance, and other traditional arts. 

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Nirmal Prajapat - Painting PDF Print E-mail

Nirmal Prajapat - Ink, Acrylic & Mixed Media

Nirmal in his studio

Nirmal is largely a self-taught young prodigy with a true gift for capturing ambience and personality. Though he's been fascinated with sketching and painting since he was a child, he followed his parents' wishes that he study dentistry, but never could stay focused on anything but art. He would like to partner with a foreign artist who can help him develop the technical skills he rightly or wrongly feels he still lacks.

Sadhu III
Bhargav Mistry - Music PDF Print E-mail

Bhargav Mistry - Classic, Folk, Jazz & Improvisational Sarod

Reg Fallah - Photography PDF Print E-mail


Nobody's Art cover Swedish master photographer and honorary Udaipurite, Reg Fallah has been returning to Mewar each year for decades to film Molela's sacred ceramic traditions and capture the fey quirky magic of Indian streets. His latest work "Nobody's Art" is a tour de force collection of 150 gratuitous wall art epiphanies selected from thousands he has discovered since 2008. His next project is on the tattooed tribal women of northern Gujarat.
Ganga Ram Sahay - Ceramics PDF Print E-mail

Ganga Ram Sahay - Earthenware pottery

Ganga Ram Sahay

Ganga Ram Sahay is a fine 16th generation traditional potter from Rajasthan's Alwar District who now lives here in Udaipur and sells his wares at West Zone Culture Centre's Shilpgram.

He conducts folk pottery workshops all across the state and especially enjoys teaching children. He hopes to work with foreign potters who can share techniques for low-fire glazing.

GangaRam - black terracotta vase
Sunny Gandharva & Manoj Prajapat - Organic Cuisine PDF Print E-mail

Sunny Gandharva  Millets  Manoj Prajapat

Sunny & Manoj are masters of traditional Mewari cuisine, health food crusaders and champions of sustainable lifestyles & local food security. They are co-founders of the award-winning Millets of Mewar organic restaurant. 

Dinesh Molela - Terracotta Sculpture PDF Print E-mail

Dinesh Molela né Dinesh Chandra Mohanlal Kumhar - Terracotta creations

Dinesh Molela Dinesh is a 15th generation terracotta idol potter from the world-famous village of Molela. He began his traditional apprenticeship in 1979 at age ten with his father; and has since exhibited and taught his craft throughout India as well as representing Molela in many shows in Europe, Australia & North America. Tree of Life wall panel