Vanaver Caravan / Big Medicine Charitable Trust
"Passage to India" Fundraiser

September 17, 20011, Opus 40, Saugerties, New York


Opus 40 siteLivia VanaverRay Spiegel trio
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To all the magic-makers at Opus 40 on September 17, 2011, Big Medicine Charitable Trust extends a lush bouquet of Dhanyavads - palms joined, heads bowed, hearts full of sun-blessed gratitude.  This beautiful moment of hope in the devastated wake of Hurricane Irene reminded us all of the redeeming energies of community and the healing power of art.


We especially offer our sincerest appreciation:

* To the day's azure sky, white clouds, autumn breeze, swaying trees, and the 65 million year old glacier-sculpted rocks;

* To OPUS 40 and Harvey Fite for his 37 years of meditative creation that transformed a quiet mountainside into a timeless shrine to peace and art;

* To Tad & Pat Richards as reverent caretakers of this immortal legacy and to Bill Cochrane and the Opus 40 board for their generous gift of the site for the evening;

* To Susan Zimet and the Ulster County legislators for officially designating the Vanaver Caravan "Cultural Ambassadors of Good Will to the people of Udaipur from the people of Ulster County;"

* To Marina Lopez for her energetic production of the magic evening and her fiery Rumba Flamenco dance (choreographed by Lia Ochoa);

* To Lucy Swenson & Turning Mill for the lovely postcards and Jason Stern & Chronogram for sponsorship;

* To Rick Birmingham for flawlessly running the marvelous sound system donated by David Chapman! (never underestimate the stars behind the stage), and offering violin poetry as well;

* To Avery Jenkins of DreamBats for wrangling all the sound gear, playing inspiring guitar, and jumping in wherever needed throughout the whole splendid gig;

* To Ray Spiegel and his trio including Sruti Ram (George Palmer) & Ishwari (Lynn Keller) for opening the evening with the perfect sacred mood;

* To all the great photographers who offered their stunning art for our auction: Winona Barton-Balentine, Mark Fink, Talia Herman, G. Steve Jordan, Jack Madson, Dinesh Pagaria, R.J. Partington, Brendon Stuart, Sonam Zoksang

* To The Bakery, The Big Cheese, C'est Cheese, The Cheese Plate, Enthusiastic Wine & Spirits, Fox and Hound Spirits, Garden Cafe on the Green, High Falls Food Co-op, Karma Road Organic Café,  Manny’s Art Supplies, New Paltz Wine & Liquors, Oriole 9, Our Daily Bread, Rosendale Café, and Woodstock Wine & Liquors for donating such wonderful food, wine and services;

VC stick danceGabriella OsheaVC Kids do Bollywood


* To Ev Mann & MaMA's Center for Creative Education for kindly donating our chairs;

* To David Vogt for donating the great photo auction easels;

* To the Caravan parents without whom we could never have done this: Carol Jordan,  Mike & Donna Cleary, David Brocker, Mark Sommers,  Merry & Jeri Wellsand Zack Marshall's parents;

* To the Clove Valley CSA's farmer-in-chief Aileah Kvashay for all that she does and her rugs for the stage;

* To Clove Valley CSA's masterful botanist Ustya Tarnawsky for the all flowers, vases, and magic lanterns that adorned our stage;

* To all the photographers, videographers, and sound recorders, who chronicled the event -- Richard Clarke, Bill Jenkins, Anne Mclellan, David Kubiak, et al. -- Please share all your works from the evening for attributed presentation downstream;

* To the Dance Monks -- Mirah Moriarty & Rodrigo Esteva -- and son Sebastian for their extraordinary improvised artistry;

* To Ryoko Kudo for bringing alive Isadora Duncan's thrilling Primavera and to the Jose Limon Dance Foundation for generous permission to include this piece on our program;

* To Vanaver Caravan musicians -- Bill Vanaver, Toby Stover & Evan Stover-- for a totally enchanting soundscape throughout the evening

* To the Vanaver Caravan dancers for their enlightened art:  Gabriela O'Shea -- Flight to the Moon (China) and Caravan Kid Charlie Burns -- Classical Indian Kuchipudi (learned from Kantham Chatlapalli); and Caravan Kids Alena Brocker, Kaya Jordan, Sara Guenther, Max Teirstein, Keenan Cleary, and Madeline Vogt -- Indian Dhandia Ras number (learned from Kashmirah Shah);


Marina Lopez - flamencoPremilla Dixit Nag pieceRyoko Takeda - Primavera


* To the spectacular VANAVER CARAVAN -- Livia & Bill Vanaver and their wonderful company of musicians, dancers, choreographers, dance educators and producers -- for taking this journey with us into the wild;

* To our dearly beloveds Richard Clarke & Lin Zhou for getting all things done that needed to be done without the asking;

* To ourselves, Rita Dixit Kubiak, Premilla Dixit Nag and David Kubiak for keeping on keeping on, trusting our community, and recognizing the dreamkeepers we bump into who keep wonder alive...