's Udaipur sponsor, the Big Medicine Charitable Trust is now seeking help and developing plans to open the Shakti Dance Academy in September 2012 after a Jan~April 2012 preparatory phase assisted by the Vanaver Caravan. See initial explanation of the "Helping Shakti Rise" film/tour/school project here and the Shakti Rising blog site here.

Our first phase 2012 pilot project - "Global Dance Education Exchange" - is chronicled at the Shakti Rising blog spot above and the entire final 101-student recital is now available online here.

If you would like to help, we encourage you to "Like" us at our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. Also please pass around our latest Vanaver Caravan press release here.

Also please check out this video introduction  and the proposal outline below.


For a legible view of this outline, click the Fullscreen icon on the bottom right of the window below.