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Big Medicine Charitable Trust (BMCT) is a public benefit NGO based in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. Incorporated on November 3rd 2009, BMCT evolved out of work started under the Greening India Project of Big Medicine, Maine USA. Its founder trustee, board trustees, and director are all women.

BMCT's mission is to build upon the best of Udaipur's rich cultural legacies and environmental blessings in collaboration with local/global visionaries to create a 21st century model for sustainable heritage cities. 

We believe that sustainable cities acting locally and networking regionally and internationally can create ecologically sound, socially just, aesthetically rich and thriving community models that help fulfill universal human dreams and lead the world closer to a global culture of peace and non-violence.

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Where has this idea come from?

The Greening India project is blossoming out of several years of collaboration and brainstorming among a number of Indian and international scholars, activists and grassroots leaders. 

Who is involved?

The early stages of the GI project and website development were  handled by Big Medicine, an Indo-American non-profit institute that guest edited the Summer 2007 issue of India's respected international policy journal , World Affairs. In addition to their publishing and broadcasting activities, Big Medicine directors have organized many international conferences, tours and workshops addressing our contemporary social and environmental crises and are currently also helping design the Udaipur Shakti Works performance school, healing center and eco-park.

In late 2009 Big Medicine formed the Big Medicine Charitable Trust (BMCT), a registered Indian NGO affiliate that is now handling the development of Greening India programs and the Udaidpur Shakti Works project.

The initial "Greening India Schools & Education" program is being spearheaded by BMCT managing director, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it who has spent the last two decades as an activist organizer, radio producer, and researcher/initiator of cutting edge media projects on progressive movement building, bicycles, organic farming and educational reform.

BMCT founder trustee and health/environment director, Rita Dixit-Kubiak has worked closely with pioneering green grassroots organizations like Bija Vidyapeeth , Jagran Jan Vikas Samiti , and Ubeshwar Vikas Mandal as well as co-founding Japan's Metamedical Forum and the Indo-Japanese Citizen Diplomacy Association.

From Australia is the team of John Brisbin and Caroline Lieber, both of whom have active connections in India and organized the wildly successful Udaipur "Ethical Feast" event series in 2009. They are headed back to Udaipur for a sabbatical year in 2012 and will be helping design new project elements from their Queensland base til then. John and Caroline can be contacted through their homespace at General Evolution Advocacy & Research (GENEVAR) .

How to get involved 

We are currently seeking ecological expertise applicable to the Rajasthan region for our educational and demonstration programs as well as interns, advisors and sponsor/funders (of course ;-)

If you are interested in any of these forms of involvement, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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