BMCT & Vanaver Caravan Launch Eco-Art Initiatives

Artists introduce “Shaktipur” for artistic exchange and environmental awareness  
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artists-udaipurForeign & Local Artists Dedicate Shaktipur, a new lakeside incubator for creative global artistic exchange and ecological consciousness.

Renowned local and foreign artists gathered to celebrate three distinctive milestones in Udaipur’s Creative City evolution. First was the dramatic finale of Vanaver Caravan’s third triumphant Udaipur visit; second was inauguration of Shakti Caravan, a new international artistic vehicle to spread eco-arts education; and finally the dedication of Shaktipur, an envisioned organic eco-park and global performance & body arts education centre.

artists5Vanaver Caravan: Saturday night New York’s celebrated world dance & music ensemble, Vanaver Caravan had just completed their 3rd biannual Udaipur visit teaching, sharing and co-creating with classes organized by Bharat Verma’s Heartbeators, Madhu Sareen’s women’s Rotary network; Shikshantar/Swaraj University, Sensei Raj Menaria’s Martial Arts Academy, and Big Medicine Charitable Trust (BMCT). VC choreographed the Sunday performance as a gift to their Udaipur artist-activist friends and the city; and following Mewar’s inclusive history, their program included all age groups, classes and communities. It also featured inspiring audience interactive pieces ranging from Chinese body-spirit arts and American eco-troubadour wisdom to tap, drum & body percussion virtuosity as well as a creative reenactment of the Mahabharata’s “Yudhisthira and the Lake” eco-fable with original Rajasthani themed music.

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Shakti Caravan Returns to Udaipur

BMCT & Vanaver Caravan Launch 2016 Shakti Caravan
International Dance Workshops @ Heartbeators Institute

dance-workshop1An International Dance Workshop organized by B.M.C.T is going on at Heartbeators Dance Institute at 100ft Road these days where teachers from US based Vanaver Caravan, Bharat Verma of Heartbeators and Suryansh are teaching various forms of dances to the participants. It is one of the best opportunities for city’s dance passionate people to explore the world of music and dance in the direction of some of the finest dancers. Livia Vanaver & Bill Vanaver from “Vanaver Caravan” a famous Dance & Music Company from United States are teaching diverse and unique dance forms.

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BMCT helps Udaipur Rotary reinvent RYLA

ROTARY YOUTH LEADERSHIP TRAINING INNOVATIONS FROM UDAIPUR - Turning a Traditional Awards Event into a New Youth-driven Social Design Experiment

Hoping to enliven the annual speech-heavy Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), Udaipur Rotary leaders invited BMCT to reformat the proceedings into a more engaging interactive celebration of youthful creativity. BMCT gratefully responded with "DESIGNING OUR SHARED FUTURE" - a full day DIY think tank workshop on how to identify, frame and communicate vital transformative messages in the fields of education, social equality and eco-social health.

For over 10 hours, 140 students from 18 local schools and 10 countries brainstormed motivational concepts; composed plays, poems, songs & art work; and then market tested their creations on a wildly appreciative evening crowd. As one young participant remarked, "the presentations were cool, but the process was amazing. They let us generate the ideas, debate the strategies, run the show. Most of us started out as strangers, but we quickly learned to respect each other and ended up as friends." See "Read more" for how...

View the embedded image gallery online at:

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Kyoto Creative Econ Team Inspired by Mewar's Diversity, Launches New Kyoto-Udaipur Collaboration Center

Udaipur - Jan 31, 2015: Eminent Japanese delegation arrives to deepen Kyoto/Udaipur ties and co-develop new creative economy models.
Kyoto - Feb 13, 2015: Returned team starts to establish a Kyoto/Udaipur "0 to K"* Creative Econ Exchange Office at Doshisha to support bilateral R&D projects and formalize cooperative endeavors

Udaipur arrival

Team arriving: (l to r) former UNEP/UNESCO program officer Ryuichi Fukuhara;
Doshisha's Center for Creative Economies founder, Dr. Tadashi Yagi,
Kyoto University's Contemporary India Studies network founder/director, Dr. Akio Tanabe

Organized  in Udaipur by Big Medicine Charitable Trust and in Japan by Kyoto International Ambassador Stomu Yamash'ta and the St. Core Research Group in Doshisha's Creative Economies Study Center, this visit had three broad goals.

  • Orientation: introduce the Japanese team to the Udaipur region's rich history, culture, ecology & economic potential;
  • Research: investigate local development challenges and the academic, artistic, societal & spiritual resources available to resolve them;
  • Brainstorming: collaboratively develop programs, exchanges and project ideas to promote Kyoto/Udaipur interaction and offer meaningful economic, cultural and environmental benefits to both regions.

Kyoto Doshisha University's Economics wingAfter an inspiring week of meetings with leading Udaipur universities, artists, activists and social entrepreneurs, the enthused Kyoto team returned home to set up a Kyoto/Udaipur "0 to K"* Exchange Office at Doshisha to research & co-develop Creative Economics projects and formalize cooperative endeavors.

BMCT's lead project coordinator, Kathy Arlyn Sokol observed, "Besides priceless help from Sukhadia & SInghania Universities, IIMU, the Vice Mayor, and the Udaipur Hotel Association's Sri Vishwa Vijay Singh, so many wonderful Udaipurites from the villages, the arts, academia and civil society contributed to this effort, we are overwhelmed with gratitude. Doshisha's new Kyoto/Udaipur Creative Econ R&D Office stands today as a direct tribute to all their imaginative work and enthusiastic cooperation,"

Click below for a chronicle of their visit & an outline of proposed initial projects.

"0 to K" symbolizes ancient Indo-Japanese philosophic insights & cultural continuity and the modern economic, social and spiritual promise of creative diversity.

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Next Green Ed Lab: Upli Badi Govt Tribal School

Shakti Caravan objectives extend from Lincoln Center performances to teaching in Udaipur's rural tribal areas. BMCT and VC are now working with this Bhil tribe school in Upli Badi village on a variety of projects, including environmentally themed art & dance instruction, composting toilet experiments, organic farming and alternative local healing traditions.

Photo credits: RJ Partington III, Joel Hanna, Miranda ten Broeke, Rita Dixit-Kubiak


Shakti Caravan from Udaipur to New York

Shakti Caravan is an ongoing dance education exchange program cosponsored by New York's Vanaver Caravan and Big Medicine Charitable Trust. BMCT invited VC team members to Udaipur in 2012 and 2014 to study Rajasthani dance genres and teach world dance in local schools and community groups. This year VC invited two gifted young Udaipur dancers, Bharat Verma and Kishan Lal Gameti, to teach and tour with them through the summer dance season including debut performances at Lincoln Center and the renowned Downtown Dance Festival.

Shakti Sunday ally, Bharat is also a talented choreographer who teaches at many schools, instructs street kids for free, and creates innovative dance programs around environmental and human rights themes.


Previous Exploits

- Some Candid Pics from our May 11 Beta Version Event


(All event photos courtesy of Tribhuvan Ameta and Shikshantar)
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Green Leaders Send Best (and Urgent) Wishes for First GI Event

In honor of India's first Green Educator Festival on May 11th we received many wonderful messages of support including this inspiring video from Bill McKibben of, the man who literally wrote the book on climate change (or at least the first one). He addresses all the school principals, community educators, grassroots green/social justice activists, environmental experts and NGOs participating in Udaipur's Green Educator initiatives in hopes that it will help us all feel part of the global movement in which local efforts are critical to root actions in ground reality and bring about the changes we seek.

Bill's Message to Udaipur

See more eminent green leader endorsements here.



Eloquent Example of Youth's Peril and Persuasive Power

12-year-old Severn Suzuki stuns UN's 1992 Earth Summit

Hear her still passionate voice today here:
"We Need to Win" - a Guernica interview.

A Contagious 2-min Bollywood Poem on Youthful Inspiration 

"You Walk, the Country Walks" by Times of India

Overall, Greening India events are intended to explore and introduce the most cost-effective green technologies for protecting our water, food, climate, health and fellow creatures while renewing urban and rural communities. We are also striving to build new grassroots networks and global alliances to develop and diffuse such know-how before it's too late.

If your business, group, community or own innovative experiences have anything to offer this effort, we warmly welcome collaboration. 


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